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New API 650 Welded Steel Storage Tanks:
RT sets a storage tank ring during new welded steel storage tank construction.Whether you need a welded carbon steel storage tank or stainless steel storage tank built to API 650, API 620 or AWWA D100,  Industrial Tank can help.
Shop-built or field-assembled, if it's an aboveground welded steel storage tank, we can build it. 
Once your welded steel storage tank is built, we have specialized trailers for hauling of oversized API storage tanks and  storage bins to your tank site and the rigging and lifting experience to complete the installation.
Specialized storage tank hauling trailer for welded steel storage tank moving
We have extensive  experience installing API 650 welded steel storage tanks and piping in existing API storage tank facilities and working through all the associated operational limitations.
Our association with Industrial Truck and Crane ITCcrane.com allows us to draw on their experience, expertise and equipment resources to help provide lifting and rigging answers for even the most challenging situations.
In addition to liquid storage, we commonly construct welded steel storage  hoppers and bins for solids and granulated materials to AWS structural standards.
Setting new shell ring on API 650 welded steel storage tank.
Diesel API 650 Storage Tank work site with Link Belt RT and Genie Manlift.

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