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API 653 Storage Tank Repairs & Modifications:
At ITC we routinely perform aboveground steel storage tank repairs of all kinds.  Repair of API 650 storage tanks are typically performed in accordance with the American Petroleum Institutes's Standard API 653. 
API 653 Steel storage tank repair; addition of foam chamber flange to top of storage tank. 
•Replacement Tank Bottoms: Replacement slot-through or slot-thru API 653-style storage tank bottom systems with secondary containment, cathodic protection and leak detection per API 653.

•Tank Bottom Repairs: Installation of lap patches on tank bottoms and welding of top-side pits re-welding of bottom joint, re-welding of cornerweld or sump welds.

•Annular bottom rings: If corrosion is limited to the outer section of the tank bottom, in lieu of an entire bottom replacement, an annular ring can be installed per API 653. 

•Shell Patches & Whole Ring:Tank shell modifications including replacement storage tank shell flush patches and plates with optional 100% x-ray of weld seams per API 653 or entire ring and roof replacements.

•Nozzles & Piping:As part of many storage tank repair projects, inlet, heating and outlet piping and nozzles may need upgraded, modified or replaced. Pipe installation and piping modifications play a crucial role in many projects.

•Diffusers:Storage tank internal inlet diffuser installation or modification per API 653.
•Heating Coils: Internal storage tank heating coil replacement; serpentine coils, bayonet and stand-up heater bundles are commonly replaced per API 653.

•Waterdraws:Storage tank waterdraw fittings and valve replacements as well as internal piping modifications per API 653.

•Level Gages:Replacement and upgrade of Product Level Gages like Varec 2500, Varec 6700, or Moormann products are all common

•General Repairs: Roof patch installation and Painter's Safety Tie-offs.
•Venting: Tank venting upgrades including standard open-air gooseneck vents, pressure vacuum vents and desiccant air driers are commonly installed per API 653.

•Floating Roof Repairs: Repair and replacement of floating roof seals and pontoon maintenance.

•Structural Modifications: Centerpole and roof rafter replacements.  Centerpole wear pad installation per API 653.

•Access Improvements:  Storage tank spiral stairway and ladder modifications and additions per API 653 and AWS standards. 

•Ring and Roof: Storage tank top shell course and roof replacements with roof structure modifications or upgrades per API 653.

API 653 Storage Tank Repair Internal photo of aluminum floating storage tank roof during a steel storage tank bottom replacment. 
API 653 Slot-through Welded steel storage tank bottom equipment placement.
API 653 welded Steel storage tank roof replacement site photo.
API 653 Storage Tank farm repair site Boomtrucks and skid steer for steel storage tank repair with limited access.API 653 Welded steel process tank modification; installing new cone bottom in storage tank
API 653 Welded storage tank Typical lighting arrangement for welded steel storage tank bottom replacement work.
API 653 Storage Tank repair project; Lowering of geodome from welded steel storage tank for dismantling at ground level.
API 653 Welded steel storage tank shell nozzle upgrade.
API 653 Welded steel storage tank centerpole stabilization and lifting.
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