API 653 Storage Tank Repairs, API 650 Storage Tanks, Containment - API 653 Storage Tank Repairs/ API 650 Tanks/ Containment Areas
Containment Solutions:
 Emergency Containment & Secondary Containment Dikes
*Synthetic Liners:  HDPE and Poly-Pro welded plastic liners
*Polyurea lining systems
*Concrete Dikes and Repairs
*Clay liner installation
Industrial Tank has installed well over 800,000 pounds of HDPE liner material for API 650 storage tank containment in the last 5 years.  ITC commonly works on both emergency containment dikes and secondary containment systems for storage tank systems.  We have experienced API storage tank containment installers that are capable of both intricate fabrication in limited access areas and high production in open emergency containment and secondary containment dike areas. 
HDPE and Polyurea Synthetic storage tank containment liner; typical storage tank containment  liner install
HDPE Synthetic storage tank containment liner; Roll of HDPE storage tank liner ready for deployment.
 Large HDPE Liner Installation
Storage tank emergency containement; Concrete storage tank containment in progress.

In addition to synthetic liners storage tank containment liners, we are also very experienced with installation of both clay containment liner materials and concrete storage tank containment systems for both emergency containment and secondary containment applications.
HDPE liner system with polyurea detailing as needed at fuel terminal.
Ask us about our Tracer Gas Integrity Inspection for both emergency containment and secondary containment areas for storage tank systems and Storage Tank Containment Maintenance Program options...
HDPE Liner for Storage tank containment systems: Typical secondary storage tank containment liner installation.

Polyurea liner installation

Clay dike liner for Storage tank dike; Storage tank containment dike reline with clay and dressed up with washed gravel.
HDPE liner for Storage Tank containment; Completed secondary storage tank containment liner. 

Clay Liner Installation

New secondary containment liner for new tank installation.

80 mil Textured HDPE Liner.

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